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At first the name of this post was Please Cynical-C go to hell, but I have already had two boxes of cookies since the last time that Chris, from Cynical-C Blog, eat some delicious chocolate cookies. So now I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Infinite Flickr

Infinite flickr: A picture of someone using flickr to see a picture of someone else using flickr to see a picture of someone else using flickr to see a picture of someone else using flick to see a …… ad … Continue reading

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Documenting History

Documenting History – Teenie Harris Archive. Photos of Harris’ 40-year career for the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the largest and most influential Black newspapers in the U.S.. Numbering upwards of 80,000 images this archive represents the largest single collection of … Continue reading

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MusicBrainz is now backed by a nonprofit foundation with a fantastic best-of-the-usual-suspects board. MusicBrainz is a user-maintained community music metadatabase. Music metadata is information such as the ArtistName, the AlbumTitle, and the list of tracks that appear on an album. … Continue reading

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Flickr community Clock Works

The new Flickr community Clock Works has the deal of post a clock face for every minute around the clock, in chronological order. Seems very fun: go play with them. (via Waxy)

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Flickr Huntr

For those who love take pictures, there is a new site, Flickr Huntrs. I don’t know if it is related with Flickr, but is very interesting. After you open your account there is one theme per week, called Weekly Projects. … Continue reading

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Tópico de utilidade pública: Badger, badger, badger! Para aqueles que ainda não ouviram isso este é um tópico fundamental, ou pode ser apenas um tópico para “encher linguiça” e não deixar o dia de hoje vazio já que eu vou … Continue reading

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