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Taller La Cochera

Taller La Cochera creates wonderful sculptures of whimsical creatures, full of life and colours. Taller La Cochera is an art group established in 2001 by the artists Arturo Coria Altamirano and Maiko Muro. In their works, you can see the … Continue reading

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Adicolor’s Short Films

Everybody talked so much about the adidas adicolor short films directed by innovative directors, that I was waiting for brilliant results. Well, some are, but not all the videos. The pink directed by Charlie White is fabulous, almost creepy and … Continue reading

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Color Code

Color Code is A Color Portrait of the English Language. The artwork is an interactive map of more than 33,000 words. Each word has been assigned a color based on the average color of images found by a search engine. … Continue reading

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Catchy Colors Photoblog

Catchy Colors Photoblog is a fresh new blog with beautiful hyper-saturated photos from Flickr. The blog has just three days, but many great photos. Take a look there. (Thanks B.!)

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Ray Gordon

Ray Gordon: modern portraits, style, behaviour and fashion. Very cool coloured and B&W pictures.

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Optical Illusions Etc…

Optical Illusions Etc…, as the name says, is a blog dedicated to illusion as subject: fractal art illusions, apparent motion, color perception, observational blindness, distorted perception, body paint illusions, auditory illusion, camouflaged, visual perception, animated illusions and science iIllusions. One … Continue reading

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Colour Lovers

There is always interesting to say about coulours. Sometimes something curious or fun: Colour Lovers – choose a colour and vote. a place to view, rate and review some lovely colours & palettes. the idea is to create a place … Continue reading

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Color In Motion

Color In Motion: an interactive experience of color communication and color symbolism. An idyllic way to learn with cheerful Flash videos.

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Some things about colours

This post is about colour and art, just because I love colours, coloured things and find some interesting links about colours. Red Alt: I Like Your Colors. ColorWhore: a directory of nice colours. Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century. Color … Continue reading

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The Color Television Revolution

The Color Television Revolution the early days of colour television broadcasting in the 1950’s and 60’s. Information about the equipment, ads, channels, tv sets and more stuff.

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