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Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer is the artist behind the wonderful carved into the z-axis of a book above. He transforms those old books in art, as dioramas. More of his art works at Haydeé Rovirosa Gallery, Toomey Tourel and Aron Packer Gallery. … Continue reading

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Mia Mäkilä

Mia Mäkilä is a Swedish artist who creates dark and disturbing images, on in her words, horror art & collages. Her work has influences of Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder, Francisco de Goya, Johann Heinrich Fuseli, Frida Kahlo and … Continue reading

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Peter Clark

When someone makes a fabulous work, as Peter Clark does, even collages of dogs can get my attention. Peter uses a comprehensive collection of found papers as his palette which are coloured, patterned or textured by their printed, written or … Continue reading

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Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin: French photographer, French artist. Garcin born in La Ciotat in 1929 and lives in Marseille taking pictures, creating photo-montages, collages, art. His image in those pictures is a constant, as a picture, a shadow or a multiple of … Continue reading

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Art-e-zine: Welcome to artezine, this online zine is for everyone that’s interested in playing and having fun with paper, paints, inks and stamps, and any other exciting mediums. Due to the huge number of pages, I suggest start exploring the … Continue reading

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Reality Cartoons

Finished today one more contest of Worth1000 which them was Reality Cartoons – Real live cartoons! Neat and funny images are among the works. But what made me post this was one of the winners of other edition Reality Cartoons, … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Women Blogging

I don’t like to do this, but I didn’t find the page of the original artist. This post has 5 cool (or bizarre?) images of cat women, dog man and dog woman. Yes, I know, sounds very strange, but I … Continue reading

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L’Album de Marcel Proust

The French artist Gerard Bertrand has a new series of collages about literature after L’Album de Franz Kafka. His new photomontages L’Album de Marcel Proust, as the title says is related to Proust’s life and works. He says about the … Continue reading

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Karl Waldmann

If you live at Bruxelles here is a good option of activity: go to the Galerie Pascal Polar and visit the current exhibition Karl Waldmann & Constructivisme Russe. This German artist made more than 900 works dating from 1915 to … Continue reading

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Hillegon Brunt

Hillegon Brunt creates some disturbing photo collage images, with images of people and animals. He has also some works of sculptures (papier maché sculptures with photos), drawings and paintings. (via Pez)

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