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L’âme Seule

L’âme Seule (The lonely soul) is a touching animation created by three talented students from EESA (Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Animation): Cédric Berthier, Jean-Sébastien Leroux et Maximilien Royo. The short-film (4min) tells the story of a lonely character and the discover … Continue reading

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Fergus Ray Murray

Via WikiHow I discovered how to make polymer clay cats and the fantastic universe of clay sculpture creatures of Fergus Ray Murray, aka Oolong. Thanks to him, now I’m with an irresistible wish to buy pots clay of clay to … Continue reading

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Eskimo Disco 7-11 Featuring Pingu

I think that this is for Pingu‘s fans: Eskimo Disco 7-11 Featuring Pingu. It’s not a pingu cartoon, but a musical video by the English electronic group Eskimo Disco, starred by Pingu. If you have no idea of who is … Continue reading

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One more item for my impossible wish list: Animaatiokone. It is an installation built of a potato peeling machine, a laptop PD and pinball machine buttons. The goal is to make the claymation easier in six steps: create your actor; … Continue reading

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Have fun: videos and animations

I’m not sure if there will be much more posts till Friday, so I hope that I keep you busy with this collection of animations and videos. There are more on animation and video archives, but an advice: the archives … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

Why did I never blog about Creature Comforts? Good question. If you appreciate the claymation you probably saw that wonderful short-film conceived which animals discuss life at the zoo, directed by Nick Park and produced by Aardman Animations. If you … Continue reading

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Munchers: A Fable

Munchers: A Fable is a lovely claymation (animação com massinha) – my favourite technique of animation. The story is Proto-claymation goes awry with talking teeth and a demonic tooth decay character. A food group hoe-down highlights the importance of good … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe’ Stop Motion

Darkstrider about stop motion, with gallery of photos, tips, tricks and techniques, video clips from some of Eastern Europe’s greatest masters and more. Don’t forget to see the Eisenstein and Tarkovsky animations. And if you don’t know: Stop motion is … Continue reading

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Wallace & Gromit – o filme?

Uma das melhores animações de macinhas que já vi é a dupla Wallace & Gromit. Fantástica animação,e divertida, o que é muito importante no caso de massinha. Essa maravilhosa criação da Aardman é provavelmente um dos sucessos da produtora, e … Continue reading

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