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The Grim Reaper Cat

I grew up picturing death as the Grim Reaper, the skeletal figure carrying a large scythe. Even though I studied in catholic schools, I’ve never believed their philosophy that death is an angel of God and there is a better … Continue reading

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Sunday Papercraft Links

Oh, what a lazy day is Sunday. I always heard that people love Sunday, but I never was a huge fan of it. It isn’t a productive day for me and it goes too fast. On Sundays I have a … Continue reading

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Happy Friday Monster Cat Blogging

It’s Friday and it’s thirteen! I’m going to make my contributions to Friday Cat Blogging and some horror. I hope you enjoy. Jaakko, a The Groovy Age of Horror (NSFW) contributer, posted about Biglie Humane (The Human Balls), a fumetti … Continue reading

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New leopard species discovered

Big cats you didn’t know, from BBC News: Island leopard deemed new species. Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates. Supporting evidence came from examination of … Continue reading

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Ann P. Smith

I have some pieces of my old (very old) computers here and I got some ideas of what do with them. Something near of the amazing robots created by Ann P. Smith. Using broken electronics and machines, she creates robot-like … Continue reading

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Fergus Ray Murray

Via WikiHow I discovered how to make polymer clay cats and the fantastic universe of clay sculpture creatures of Fergus Ray Murray, aka Oolong. Thanks to him, now I’m with an irresistible wish to buy pots clay of clay to … Continue reading

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Natasha Fadeeva

With her magic hands the Russian artist Natsha Fadeeva makes fabulous Handmade Stuffed Animals: cats, dogs, mice, bunnies, chickens, bears, sheep, goats, bears, foxes, pigs, hedgehogs and others. Her fluffy stuffed animals are knitted from mohair and the others are … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Blogging: Videos II

Cat to Exit: a crazy 3D animation feature by an orange cat the stole the fish of table of two old Japanese. Chimpanzee Washing Cat: a vintage video of a Chimpanzee using a towel to clean a Siamese cat. If … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Furniture

Friday is allowed to post about cats: funny pictures, animations and other curious stuff. And big pictures of cats, and nothing more, for a huge group of cat lovers. I never planned to post big pictures of cats and nothing … Continue reading

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Buttered cat paradox

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