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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m not American, but I’m a polite girl (most of the time) and need/ want to wish happy Thanksgiving to my readers. So: Happy Thanksgiving I have some links about it too people that know what it is, for people … Continue reading

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Vintage Chinese Propaganda Posters

Maopost has an impressive collection of vintage Chinese propaganda posters, more then thousand images. Some beautiful posters of movies, sports, culture, education, heroes, socialism, workers, children and others subjects, and calendar cards.

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Vintage French card game

Catetos is a Flickr gallery by Karramarro with images of a vintage French card game. The cards are divide by profession (painter, architect, sculptor, etc.) and families. (via Papel Continuo and PCL LinkDump)

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More cool papercraft links

Some links with toys, cards and cameras to you do on a rainy day or any day if you like paper craft. All the links are via Paper Forest and all the models are in PDF. – Dirkon paper camera: … Continue reading

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Lefor Openo

Lefor Openo is dedicated site to the French artists and designers from the 50s and 60s Marie-Claire Lefort and Marie-Francine Oppeneau. Beautiful pop art works of advertising and political posters, cards, blotters, ashtrays and other objects. (via PCL LinkDump)

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Playing Card Picture Gallery

Playing Card Picture Gallery: a lot of images of images of special cards, tarot, early and regional cards, cards without traditional from many countries and the history of them. (via Incoming Signals) Visit also Dotpattern entry with a joker collection … Continue reading

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Fables is a fine site with many links, images, books, objects and more stuff related with fables. Lots of pages with curious things to see but don’t forget to see the Cards collection page. (via Sugar ‘N Spicy)

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Francesca Berrini

Unusual Cards is a large selection of amazing blank greeting cards featuring the collage art of Francesca Berrini. Her works have giant cakes, children, dinosaurs, pin-ups, Jesus and Christmas theme. Neat work. (via Boing Boing)

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Advertising Soap in America

Ivory Project: Advertising Soap in America 1838-1998. A huge collection with 1,600 advertisements and related ephemera from 1838 till 1998 of print advertising for Ivory soap. Complementing the Ivory materials are examples of advertising, advertising cards, soap wrappers, coupons, pamphlets, … Continue reading

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Scientist Cards

Scientist Cards: because cool geek stuff don’t need explanation. (via Cynical-C)

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