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Wrigley’s Extra Commercials

Joining humour and attractive images has been very used in the last product campaigns. If you make the public smile you won some points, that’s probably the idea. The agency DDB Sydney used this strategy to the last year’s campaign … Continue reading

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The Sexy Side of PEZ

The image of PEZ to me is related to something cheerful, funny, almost puerile. I’m glad someone removed those images from my mind, surprising me with The Sexy Side of PEZ. This side of PEZ uses sex to sell it … Continue reading

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Suck My Bic

People have phases in life. I had a phase of destroy pencils biting them, until broken them. I stopped doing that moving to another bad habit: biting pens. I used to destroy the pen caps with an impressive speed, specially … Continue reading

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Craig Kanarick

I don’t need of good reasons to buy yummy coloured sweeties, like the candies that Haribo makes. But it’s always good to find some new excuse, and the candy photographs by Craig Kanarick are inspiring to it. Candies selected by … Continue reading

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Candy you ate as a kid

Candy you ate as a kid is the new project of coverpop, this time dedicated to the candies. All the candies are from Old Fashioned Candy, a on-line that still selling candies that you eat in the 50s, 60s, 70s … Continue reading

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Mini-Miam tiny people cultivating a yummy new world of watermelons, ice-creams, kiwis, mushrooms, salads, wine bottles, sugar, cakes and cauliflowers. The awesome pictures are the result of the partnership of Pierre Javelle, a French photographer of culinary magazines, and Akiko … Continue reading

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Will Cotton

Will Cotton creates some delicious, very yummy and beautiful paintings. I almost licked the monitor choosing one of his works. (via male.dei)

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Marshmallows recipe

One more thing to fatten me: Marshmallows. That is a kind of thing that I usually don’t eat, but this recipe seems so easy to do and they look so appetizing that I think I will try this one of … Continue reading

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Photos of cute candies

The Flickr user Bubbychucks has a lot of cute images of candies on her favourites. I loved some of those cute candies, like the mini cat – I want some of those for my birthday. (FlickrBlog)

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The Candy Wrapper Museum

The Candy Wrapper Museum where wrappers are to be enjoyed as art, nostalgia, and humor. There are some things that look very good just reading the wrapping paper, specially the Godiva chocolate box.

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