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How to Save the World

Every new year people do their predictions: doing more exercises, eating more healthy food, visiting new places, being more kind with other people, and many other things like that. In my personal, and mental, predictions list I also listed things … Continue reading

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Macgyver 2008

After Walken 2008 other great man: Macgyver 2008 for president. In times of great need, people look for a great man to show them the way and lead them to a brighter future… Look no more America, that man is … Continue reading

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Walken 2008

Walken 2008. You saw this on many blogs before, didn’t you? I saw this on everywhere on the last days, and the last time was on Bloglines. Is it real? Or just a joke? I’m not sure, but if it’s … Continue reading

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Individual-I: a “peace symbol” for individual liberty”. Boing Boing says: Individual-I is a new campaign that Bruce Schneier has launched, to promote the idea of individual liberty. The sign shown here — a vaguely humanoid capital letter I — is … Continue reading

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Today I read a lot about cats, organizations, animal rights, sites of people that love cats and animals. I finished on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). After read somethings there I thought that I have to stop … Continue reading

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