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José Geraldo Reis Pfau, a Brazilian advertising professional, reserves his weekends to a productive hobby: creating mini motorcycles with parts of glasses and watches. Part of his private collection, which contains more than 200 pieces, is presented on his site … Continue reading

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Vintage Brazilian Ads

As I said a while ago, it isn’t easy find good sites about vintage Brazilian culture and ephemera. Happily this has been changing in the last years and many sites to preserve this memory appeared. A very good example of … Continue reading

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Cartoons of the Carnival 2007 from Pernambuco

The most noisy epoch of the year is coming: the Carnival. I hate Carnival: all the noisy “music” (sambas enredo), the “propaganda” about it, the people getting drunk as if all the alcoholic drinks were disappear from the world in … Continue reading

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Albert Eckhout

The Dutch painter and draughtsman Albert Eckhout came to Brazil in the service of Count Maurice of Nassau, the Governor-General of Dutch Brazil, where he spent seven years (1637-1644). During the period Eckhout spent in the Northeast of Brazil, he … Continue reading

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Canto do Brazil

Canto do Brazil: great hyper saturated shots of Brazil by Geoffrey Hiller. The picture galleries are divided by State – Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (where I live) – each one with three issues with a … Continue reading

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Google Notícias Brasil

Yesterday news from Google: Google News Brasil and Google Book Search. Then, the new name of Google Print is Google Book Search. Here is one reason why the changed the name: When we launched Google Print, our goal was to … Continue reading

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Carnival Masks

Do you know that is Carnival in Brazil? Yes, Carnival, that noisy party, that started yesterday and goes till Tuesday, with lots of people almost naked, samba, schools of samba, hot weather, beer and more noise. Sorry about my vision … Continue reading

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Para os que ainda não sabem, é carnaval desde ontem. Gosto tanto que só lembrei hoje. Aliás, até quarta feira não sabia que o carnaval começa agora. Carnaval é bom para uma coisa: saber quando a Páscoa acontece. Então, daqui … Continue reading

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Clube de leituras

Você já deve ter ouvido falar sobre clube de leituras, onde um grupo se reúne para ler e falar sobre um determinado livro. O Alexandre Cruz propõe isso em seu blog e inaugura o Clube de Leituras LLL com o … Continue reading

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Dagô tem blog

Quem lê a Info sabe que uma das melhores coisas da revista é a coluna do Dagomir Marquezi, mesmo que ele não acredite quando eu digo. Eu sou leitora da revista há pelo menos seis anos, quando tive meu primeiro … Continue reading

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