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Understanding art for geeks

Paul, the wine guy, presents his Flickr set Understanding art for geeks. My first impression was a big shock, and I asked to my buttons: what the hell? After three of four images, my artsy side went to walk and … Continue reading

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Hieronymus Bosch’s birds papercraft

Hieronymus Bosch is on the top of my list of painter that I think had a disturbed brilliant mind. His paintings full of bizarre and scary creatures are an example of how far can go the human mind and how … Continue reading

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Mia Mäkilä

Mia Mäkilä is a Swedish artist who creates dark and disturbing images, on in her words, horror art & collages. Her work has influences of Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder, Francisco de Goya, Johann Heinrich Fuseli, Frida Kahlo and … Continue reading

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Parastone Mouseion Collection

Someone did the amazing images of Hiëronymus Bosch paintings in sculpture. Fantastic and you can buy them. I love this site and there are more on Parastone Mouseion collection. There are also sculptures based on Dali, Brueguel, Klimt, Escher, Arcimboldo … Continue reading

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Os sete pecados capitais

Bom, como pretendo fazer deste weblog um meio de divulgação para coisas interessantes que descubro pela internet resolvi começar sugerindo um site no mínimo diferente. O Devil’s Dictionary É um curioso dicionário onde as difinições não se encaixam necessariamente nos … Continue reading

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