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Juan Carlos Federico

The illustrator Juan Carlos Federico has a brilliant portfolio, filled with very cute children’s books illustrations, editorial, monsters, and his very creative series Restatos and Sumanes. The series, which look like collages, always make me smile. And if that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Nick Brandt

The photographer Nick Brandt studied Film and Painting at St. Martins School of Art and in December 2000 he started photographing in East Africa. His portfolio has stunning pictures of animals in Africa, taken between 2000 and 2007. In 2005 … Continue reading

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Pulp Cambodia Novel Covers

The Cambodian blogger Jinja , from Webbed Feet, Web Log, made some interesting discovers in the pulp books universe. Then, as a nice guy does, he blogged the “Pulp Cambodia Novel Covers” through three posts: Uth Roeun, Hul Sophon and … Continue reading

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Recycled Words

Will Ashford searches for interesting discarded old books. Then he explores each page of the book hunting for words. That’s just part of the process of his artwok Recycled Words: At some unpredictable point along the way, in my mind, … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales books on Archive

Fairy tale is a fictional story that usually features folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. The Internet Archive highlighted seven fairy tale books with … Continue reading

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Dime Mystery Magazine

A nice gallery with covers of all the numbers of Dime Mystery Magazine. Dime Mystery (Book) Magazine started off as a fairly staid pulp under the name Dime Mystery Book Magazine featuring a full-length “two-dollar novel” and a few short … Continue reading

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Illustrations from Hedgehog in the Fog

The Russian LiveJournal community Kidpix published some illustrations with part of the text (in Russian) from the book “???? ? ??????“, known as “Hedgehog in the Fog“. “Hedgehog in the Fog” was at first a Soviet animated film directed by … Continue reading

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Australian fiction

Australian fiction was an exhibition of material from the Australian Monash University Library Rare Books Collection. A selection of novels and books of short stories by over one hundred writers, the exhibition covers our national output of fiction from 1845 … Continue reading

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Book shelves with a bench by Stanislav Katz

If I had space and money, I would love to have one of those book shelves with a bench, designed by Stanislav Katz. And in the case of having both, and the oportunity to buy it, I would change the … Continue reading

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Circus by Valery Alffevsky

This Russian Livejournal page has a serious of beautiful illustrations from the book “Circus”, published in 1966 and illustrated by the soviet painter Valery Alffevsky. Alffevsky studied in Vkhutemas, a famous school of Russian Avant-garde. I don’t know much about … Continue reading

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