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Social Porn

Social Porn is a kind of digg but for porn links, all the porn that you want, if you want some. A collaborative p0rn linking site where users (expert wankers) publish, select and comment the most sexy & erotic galleries … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is one of those incredible things that are in front of you, but you don’t see. Until my boyfriend told about it, I never clicked there and I usually use Internet Archive to many searches! This wonderful tool … Continue reading

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del.icio.us linkbacks

Maybe I have to create another category called “one more tool that uses del.icio.us”, but just “del.icio.us” category is fine. And yes, there is one tool about it. This time is a bookmarklet called delicious linkbacks. What it does? Add … Continue reading

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Flick Replacr

One more Flickr toy: flickReplacr. It’s a bookmarklet that seems to work fairly well in IE and Firefox/Mozilla (Safari – not so much). What does it do? You can highlight any word on any web page, click the flickReplacr bookmarklet, … Continue reading

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