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Lunch in a Box

Some mothers are better than others, I mean, when the issue is kids’ lunch box. Biggie, from Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento, is one of those dedicated, talented and with a lot patience, mothers and wives, in … Continue reading

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The site e-??????????? (e-obento) documents the beautiful daily bento and other lovely food creations of a Japanese mother. Each has a brief story and a list of ingredients. Some of them have grades for nutrition, design, speed and saving. All … Continue reading

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Bent Objects

Get a wire, add some objects, some talent and a lot of imagination and you get Bent Objects. The blog is described as This is a collection of things that I make, and images that I take. The blog has … Continue reading

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Bento Yum

Bento Yum is an adorable food blog about Bentos. Most of entries are composed by pretty images of Abigail’s Bentos and the what’s on them, with descriptions. There are also recipes, tips and information of where you can find Bento … Continue reading

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Cooking Cute

The Japanese have an incredible talent to transform everything in something cute. From illustrations to condoms, passing through packages and “plush food“. Everything can be kawaii in their hands. That’s why a bento site called Cooking Cute isn’t a surprise. … Continue reading

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WNYC’s Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge

This irresistible picture was the winner of the WNYC’s Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge. The rule was very simple: make food come alive with googly eyes! There are several great (and funny) shots among the 196 photos submitted to the group … Continue reading

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The Dayalets

The Dayalets are vitamin mascots, what I translate for scary human portraits made with food, cigars, objects and snacks. One more time the term “playing with food” fits like a glove, and this time moms have all the rights to … Continue reading

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Bento Windows & Bento Art

That is the best version of Windows that I ever saw! I bet it works much better than the “normal” version; if it doesn’t work at leat you can eat it. There are more pictures of that Windows laptop bento … Continue reading

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Bologna art

Do you have time, talent, imagination and like to play with food? So take a look at this Bologna food art gallery at Media Bum to get inspiration to make your own funny animals created with bologna and food slices. … Continue reading

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Awww Too Cute

I’m one of those people that say “awww… kitty” when I see a cat, actually “ah… gatinho!”, even if it isn’t a small cat. I can’t resist a cute-fluffy-little-thing, specially if this adorable creature has glossy big eyes. The article … Continue reading

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