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Blogging linkdump

Lifehacker’s guide to weblog comments: twelve useful tips that everyone who reads blogs should read. Good blog commenters add to the discussion and are known as knowledgeable, informative, friendly and engaged. The Wired article Tips for the Crusading Blogger has … Continue reading

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Sister Furong

One more Internet celebrity: Sister Furong on the Wired article No Sex, Please, We’re Repressed. Floozie or role model, attention monger or free spirit? For months, China has been debating what to make of its latest internet-born star, a young … Continue reading

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Erotic images can turn you blind

Erotic images can turn you blind What?!?! New Scientist says: Researchers have finally found evidence for what good Catholic boys have known all along – erotic images make you go blind. The effect is temporary and lasts just a moment, … Continue reading

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Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude. It is a project developed by Ari Versluis (photographer) and Ellie Uyttenbroek (stylist). They documented numerous identities over the years, since 1994, inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of … Continue reading

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Ray Gordon

Ray Gordon: modern portraits, style, behaviour and fashion. Very cool coloured and B&W pictures.

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Disembodied Voices

Disembodied Voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. Using the cell phone as a metaphor, this project will connect users and will investigate this changing nature of public space into a wirelessly connected translocal, where each person … Continue reading

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Human Stupidity

I have to confess something: I don’t like stupid people, I never liked. For me a little of intelligence is a basic condition to keep contact with someone. But I met some people who were proud of be stupid. How … Continue reading

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We have a problem

Título em inglês com um post em português, quem sabe desta forma sutil alguns brasileiros percebam que podemos conviver com o inglês, quase, numa boa. Assunto do dia, mas uma vez o Orkut. Sim, nós temos um problema e isso … Continue reading

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The horror! The horror!

What the hell is going on there: Orkut?!?! I was a little tired of what has been happening there, on Orkut: lots of FOAF messages, too many e-mails on communities, people saying what I have to do (Hey, I’m there … Continue reading

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Mudanças no Orkut

Há mais de um mês comecei várias mudanças no Orkut. A primeira delas foi na minha lista de amigos, passei de mais de 1120 para 700, depois 500 e por fim uns 200 e poucos. O números da minha lista … Continue reading

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