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Antique Produce Crate Labels

History of Produce Crate Labels: Before produce growers and distributors started using cardboard boxes to ship their goods to market in the 1960s, fruits and vegetables were (and occasionally still are, by smaller growers) shipped in inexpensive wooden crates and … Continue reading

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Nipperhead Antique Phonograph

Nipperhead Antique Phonograph – For all of you who are seduced by the sound of scratchy cylinders, delight in the dignified density of the Diamond Disc, or just think Nipper was a cool dog, then you are a Nipperhead! Ephemera, … Continue reading

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The Wheelmen

The Wheelmen – Antique Bicycles. The Wheelmen is non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling. Don’t forget to see the memorabilia and the photographs pages. (via Life In The Present)

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The Classic Typewriter

The Classic Typewriter: fantastic site about antique typewriters, with many informations and images. Richard Polt that keeps the site has a huge collection of typewriters. Take a look there to see some curious typewriters. (via Cynical-C)

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Russian Old Radios

Re Star Radiosite: Soviet Antique Radio Gallery. Galleries of radio’s photos from 30’s till 60’s and the technical information about them. There are some more related stuff and a few music from the epoch also.

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Chinese Paintings

Chinese Paintings from 12th century till 20th century. The collections consist of works from the Sung, Yüan, Ming, and Ch’ing dynasties, including major figure paintings and bird-and-flower paintings. The greatest strength, however, is landscape paintings. Considered the highest category of … Continue reading

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