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Internet is for Porn

I think I’m using Internet in the wrong way, because Internet is for porn. This animation with World of Warcraft characters is also available at You Tube and in an anime version. (Thanks for the WOW version Taiza!)

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Souhaku Scans

Souhaku Scans has a very nice collection of scanned images of mangas. I’m not a manga girl, but there is some interesting stuff, like Yakitate!!, a manga about food, Pluto , Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Arcana. (via ladrilio)

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Azul Calcinha

Atenção garotas, vocês já conhecem o Azul Calcinha o site sobre Cultura Pop para Moças? O Azul calcinha é uma criação coletiva de 8 moças talentosas que falam sobre anime e manga, cinema, HQ, literatura, música, rpg, TV, games e … Continue reading

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South Park Manga

Can you imagine South Park as Manga? Well, some Japanese artists did that here and here. It is a curious experience, specially when you see this Manga of Kenny dead. (via Forever Geek) Update: the first link to South Park … Continue reading

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