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New leopard species discovered

Big cats you didn’t know, from BBC News: Island leopard deemed new species. Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates. Supporting evidence came from examination of … Continue reading

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Ann P. Smith

I have some pieces of my old (very old) computers here and I got some ideas of what do with them. Something near of the amazing robots created by Ann P. Smith. Using broken electronics and machines, she creates robot-like … Continue reading

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Photographing Squirrels

Taking advantage of the super curiosity of squirrels, Scott Alan Johnson created Photographing Squirrels: a series of pictures of squirrels with cameras, just because they couldn’t resist to check what was that. Those photogenic creatures are also at the Flickr … Continue reading

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Natasha Fadeeva

With her magic hands the Russian artist Natsha Fadeeva makes fabulous Handmade Stuffed Animals: cats, dogs, mice, bunnies, chickens, bears, sheep, goats, bears, foxes, pigs, hedgehogs and others. Her fluffy stuffed animals are knitted from mohair and the others are … Continue reading

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Minuscule is a wonderful animation series for (not only) children starred by tiny creatures: a group of insects and a snail. Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud created those cute 3D creatures and put them into live footage, keeping the cartoon … Continue reading

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Fabo’s illustrations

One more time I fell for the old “cute drawing of little animals with big eyes and soft colours” trick! This time it was Fabo‘ works fault. This DevianArt artist from Honduras makes superb illustrations of animals, portraits and other … Continue reading

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Hedgehog CD Case

I already knew that I have my CD cases aren’t the coolest of the world: they have no images, no funny stuff on it, they just black and very simple. However, know that I know about those cool Huggable Hedgehog … Continue reading

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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a contest which forms are already on-line. And, if there are winners, there are photos and an exhibition with them. The winning entries from the 2006 competition can be seen at the Natural … Continue reading

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Pinups For Pups

Pretty girls, great shots and cute dogs at Pinups For Pups – The original pinup dog rescue organization. Dedicated to helping the 4 to 6 million homeless animals that are killed each year, Pinups for Pups was established in 2005. … Continue reading

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Tiger Cub Videos

Are you ready? It’s time to say “awww so cute!” The Woodland Park Zoo of Seattle uploaded a series of videos (7 until now), four of them featuring the super cute Baby Sumatrian Tiger Cub. It’s so cute, it looks … Continue reading

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