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Where the heck is Bibi?

Hi guys, before one more reader / visitor / friend send me a message here it is my fast answer: I’m here and I’m fine now. Thanks for all the kind words, the messages and links. You are awesome! And … Continue reading

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Bibi’s found

Thanks to the kindness of Carolina and Angela now I’m the happy owner of a FFFFOUND! account: bibi’s found. Since we can only invite one person, Carolina invite Angela and asked to her invite me (and I already used my … Continue reading

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Videos With Bibi

Before somebody asks me “Where the heck have you been”, let me tell you that I have some good answers. First I will blame carnival and all the laziness and the idea of a short vacation that it gives us. … Continue reading

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I’m fine, ok?

Answering some e-mails and comments: I’m fine. I’m really fine. I’m just busy with other stuff, like reading, scratching the cats, reading books and comics, studying French, adding books to virtual library on my page LibraryThing and aNobii, listening a … Continue reading

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Good News? Bad News?

Hi, I’m back. Let’s start with the good news. Well, the first one is that I’m back, believe or not I’m. The other good news is: I have many new links to post. And, while I wasn’t blogging I was … Continue reading

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I’m still here…

A short note, just in case someone is still there: I’m not dead, and I didn’t give up this blog, nor am I planning to delete everything or move country and start a new blog. I just needed a time. … Continue reading

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The Five Things Tag

Michelle, from Tiny Bubbles, passed a meme to me a week ago. Before I procrastinate even more, here are my answers. What were you doing ten years ago? Hum… let me think… I was studying (fazendo cursinho) to get in … Continue reading

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Bibi is offline

Good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Ok, then, good news: as you may have noticed, I had a new layout, because the last one wasn’t working well with IE, and even though I hate IE with … Continue reading

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Thanks to some blogs

Now I am having problems with the accents on some old posts in my blog. Since I have a lot of entries and I have to fix them one by one I am going to have a lot of work. … Continue reading

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I want a Greta Garbo stamp

Hi, I am embarrassed to ask, but I read in many Swedish blogs, including josephzohn, that the U.S. Postal Service and the Swedish Post will release, on September 23rd, a postage stamp in honour of the 100th anniversary of Greta … Continue reading

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