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60’s & 70’s Asian Pop Record Covers

60’s & 70’s Asian Pop Record Covers Photo Gallery with tons of covers uploaded by David Greenfield. This gallery contains scans of my ever-growing collection of rare 60’s and 70’s Asian pop singles. I mainly collect Singaporean titles, but I … Continue reading

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Plus de Chansons Françaises

How about some nice French songs? I made a selection with the last stuff that I found in the last weeks, most of them from a new music blog (and Brazilian) La Voix de Son Maître, that has many other … Continue reading

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Great 60’s French Singers

I should post this before, however never is too late. Rato Records makes a wonderful voluntary work of share songs from old records, specially 60’s music. My favourites are definitely the French singers. Since I discovered them I’m love form … Continue reading

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French Videos for Everyone

Lovers of French music, don’t cry. I have two solutions for those that missed my list of French videoclips. The first one is a very nice video blog: Vidéo Nostalgie. The blog makes a homage to the French vintage videoclips … Continue reading

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Psychedelic ’60s

Psychedelic ’60s: sixties memorabilia from the University of Virginia Library. Very cool site. There were a lot of ways to get hurt in the sixties, from fire fights in Vietnam to drug overdoses in student apartments. Most of us survived, … Continue reading

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Squiddly Diddly’s: Surfin’ Safari

I’m usually very good resist to re-post the cool Bubblegumfink! posts, but I couldn’t resist to Squiddly Diddly. He posted a Squiddly Diddly ‘s Surfin’ Safari album full of groove music. Just in case, if you don’t remember, Squiddly Diddly, … Continue reading

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Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds

The very psychedelic 70’s Beatles’ video Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds from Yellow Submarine. Do you really need a reason to watch it? (via Milk and Cookies) If you have an interest in more videos of Beatles, make a … Continue reading

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Googie Architecture

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Radio Oh-la-la

Here is a great suggestion of Mordi from blowupdoll: check out the new site Radio Oh-la-la – Franco à gogo. It brings you French music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with new music being added every week. Sing along … Continue reading

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I should have posted it earlier but.. well, now here it is: Go-go-boots because they are very cool. The homage site to those boots has images, texts, boot care tips, art, links and lists of go-go boots on TV and … Continue reading

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