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Yes you did!

THANK YOU! Thanks to all the Americans that went to vote today. A very special thanks to all of you that supported and voted for Barack Obama. I really wanted to see him elected, but I wasn’t sure that he … Continue reading

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Chinese Political Cartoons

Ethan Persoff has a new neat gallery with 35 Anti-U.S. Chinese Political Cartoons, circa 1958-1960. Culled and restored from reviewing hundreds of Eastern newspaper pages and illustrations, this set of 35 images represents what we consider the best late 50s … Continue reading

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The Spanish blog Recortables shares papercraft models with political criticism, created by Sento Llobell, comics illustrator, and Toni Vaca, “speciallist on wasting time“. There are papercraft caricatures of George W. Bush – El Carnicero Global, the king of Spain Juan … Continue reading

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Morning Sun

Morning Sun: a film and a website about Cultural Revolution. A very interesting site with full of information of the Cultural Revolution and its changes in the Chinese culture, with articles, photographs, posters, paintings, artwork, artifacts, audio, badges, videos, suggestions … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King

To celebrate Martin Luther King Day the blog of Internet Archive did a selection of videos and audio recordings with him. The FlickrBlog also made a homage, pointing to the photos in the Martin Luther King clusters.

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Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Center for the Study of Political Graphics has a huge collection with over 50,000 posters, the largest collection of Post World War II graphics in the US. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics collects, preserves, and exhibits posters … Continue reading

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Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History. The history from 1917, when the Bolsheviks seize power (The October Revolution), until 1991, with the End of the Soviet Union. A lot of additional information through videos, texts, images, music, audio, photo essays and … Continue reading

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What Barry Says

What Barry Says: an animated short film directed by Simon Robson produced by Knife Party, where you can find more information about it . What Barry Says is very much a response to Simon witnessing his peers apparent lack of … Continue reading

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Horror, Suspense, Romance and Humour on Comics

Back from the Depths: a memorial site to Scream!, a horror and humorous comics that stopped after only 15 issues before its untimely death in June 84. The stories, artwork and characters are buried deep in the cartoon graveyard but … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Comic Books

I loved that parody! Check out the original image here. BTW, image provided by Internet Weekly Report and there are more parodies, photo cartoons, humour and satire here.

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