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Faces in Places

With a bit of imagination or creativity we can find faces in the common places, like cars, windows, cans, food, walls, trees, clouds, garbage or in and the most surprising places, like a cheese grater. Faces in Places is a … Continue reading

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Garfield Variations

Garfield is damn cool. I always loved this Jim Davis comic, since I was a child. Probably because I always had lived with cats. Cats can be very affectionate in one moment, and totally selfish two minutes after. Seriously? I … Continue reading

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Bent Objects

Get a wire, add some objects, some talent and a lot of imagination and you get Bent Objects. The blog is described as This is a collection of things that I make, and images that I take. The blog has … Continue reading

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Washington Banana Museum

Internet is a fantastic place to find all kind of odd homage pages. And what about a whole site just about Bananas? Why not? Who doesn’t love them? Germans love them, as Die kleine Bananenrepublik shows – a whole site … Continue reading

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More Periodic Tables

After the periodic table post about it’s history and a post with a list of periodic tables I found more of them. – A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management (PDF) by Visual Literacy. (via – Dynamic Periodic … Continue reading

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Hand-Painted Toilet Seats

There are some things that I don’t know in which category put them, like the Hand-Painted Toilet Seats by Tuesday Cohen is one of those. Weird or art? Tuesday Cohen began drawing and painting as a child, using oil on … Continue reading

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Defunct Amusement Parks

Defunct Amusement Parks was created to consolidate as much information about defunct amusement parks and rides as possible. We wanted to provide information on parks that are gone. There are pictures and postcards of most of those parks. Related post: … Continue reading

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Celebrities Playing Table Tennis

Celebrities Playing Table Tennis. Yes, that’s it, a devoted site to pictures of celebrities playing table tennis. There are available, until now, 502 photos and illustrations of 275 celebrities. PS.: table tennis in Portuguese is tênis de mesa, but is … Continue reading

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Grand Illusions

Grand Illusions the site for the enquiring mind. With optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic. Funny things to look, games and articles. (via All about nothing)

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The Toilet Museum

The Toilet Museum …a roadside attraction on the information highway, dedicated to toilets-in-art. Toilet Art (?), pictures, cartoons, images, humour, technotoilet, postcards, clips, sounds, “”the Toilet Book”, memorabilia and fun facts.

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