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The Spanish blog Recortables shares papercraft models with political criticism, created by Sento Llobell, comics illustrator, and Toni Vaca, “speciallist on wasting time“. There are papercraft caricatures of George W. Bush – El Carnicero Global, the king of Spain Juan … Continue reading

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Hieronymus Bosch’s birds papercraft

Hieronymus Bosch is on the top of my list of painter that I think had a disturbed brilliant mind. His paintings full of bizarre and scary creatures are an example of how far can go the human mind and how … Continue reading

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On Tummie-Design you will find the super cute portfolio of Tummie with illustrations, toys and animations, her shop with lovely bags and wallets with monsters (cute monsters I may say), and some very pretty things she made to download, including … Continue reading

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Devout Dolls

The talented Sara Lanzillotta makes fantastic handmade dolls, creatures and monsters. Her site Devout Dolls presents a huge collection of her creations: Dolls of the Silver Screen, aliens, fairies, octopus, Siamese twin dolls, little strange creatures, witches, two headed kitties, … Continue reading

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The Online Paper Airplane Museum

Throw me the first paper ball who never built a paper plane. Folding paper airplanes in an A4 paper sheet is one of several artistic abilities I have, which also include drawing stickmen (“bonecos de pauzinho” in Portuguese) and very … Continue reading

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Sunday Papercraft Links

Oh, what a lazy day is Sunday. I always heard that people love Sunday, but I never was a huge fan of it. It isn’t a productive day for me and it goes too fast. On Sundays I have a … Continue reading

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Won Park Origami

Wikipedia says: Paper money from various countries are also popular to create origami with, called “Moneygami”. It is common to create the figure depicted on the note itself. But the first time I heard about Money Origami I had no … Continue reading

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Make your own Dalek

From time to time this blog receives visits of people searching for Daleks. Those incredible extraterrestrial mutant creatures from Doctor Who series are much more popular that I imagined. The first time I made a post about the Daleks I … Continue reading

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The toy junkie, web designer and “amateur” photographer Charmaine Noellie, aka Junko Natsumi, shows her excellent work which joins her two passions at Junkoseven. Presenting her photographic works, there are three series: The Pony Project, Urban Medium & Spider, and … Continue reading

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Doblando Papeles

Doblando Papeles is a fantastic new papercraft blog, or I must say origami blog. Created by Miguel, a Spanish that lives in Barcelona, the blog has beautiful creations with paper. There are “just” with the images of his last creations, … Continue reading

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