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Doktor A

The site of Doktor A is full of his fantastic creations: pretty paintings of little men with pointy hats, paintings and illustrations and cute (odd) little fellows called Poddies, dark sculptures of fairies, clowns and creatures, digital illustrations of aliens … Continue reading

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Spanish Movie Posters, from 1920 to 1957

Javier Reguera, from the Spanish cultural blog asi se fundo carnaby street kindly uploaded 71 scanned images of Spanish movie posters, from 1920 to 1957 at Flickr. I have a good surprise with them: the graphics, with strong colours, detach … Continue reading

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Al Hirschfeld

The American artist Al Hirschfeld studied painting, drawing and sculpture in Paris and London. Back to the U.S. he started working at the New York Herald Tribune, but he gained fame by illustrating the entire casts of various Broadway plays. … Continue reading

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Sunday Papercraft Links

Oh, what a lazy day is Sunday. I always heard that people love Sunday, but I never was a huge fan of it. It isn’t a productive day for me and it goes too fast. On Sundays I have a … Continue reading

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Miguel Covarrubias

The Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias was famous for his remarkable caricaturists to the American magazines New Yorker and Vanity Fair. He was also painter, Illustrator, author, educator, anthropologist and known for his analysis of pre-Colombian art of Mesoamerica, particularly that … Continue reading

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Happy Friday Monster Cat Blogging

It’s Friday and it’s thirteen! I’m going to make my contributions to Friday Cat Blogging and some horror. I hope you enjoy. Jaakko, a The Groovy Age of Horror (NSFW) contributer, posted about Biglie Humane (The Human Balls), a fumetti … Continue reading

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Eldon Dedini’s Satyrs and Nymphs

Eldon Dedini was an American cartoonist best known for his works to magazines as The New Yorker, Esquire and Playboy. But early in his career, he was an editorial cartoonist for local newspapers, and a story man for Walt Disney. … Continue reading

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Cooking Cute

The Japanese have an incredible talent to transform everything in something cute. From illustrations to condoms, passing through packages and “plush food“. Everything can be kawaii in their hands. That’s why a bento site called Cooking Cute isn’t a surprise. … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland by Rom Deviseg

There are thousands of versions of drawings, illustrations, photographies, videos and music based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and there will always be something new to see. All over the world there are people fascinated by this classic. A good … Continue reading

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Jenny Bird Alcantara

Jenny Bird Alcantara recreates, through her paintings, the dark side of fairy tales. Her whimsical paintings and inks reminds me a cross between Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales with influences of surrealism: marvellous and creepy. Her … Continue reading

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