Yes you did!

Barack Obama Hope
THANK YOU! Thanks to all the Americans that went to vote today. A very special thanks to all of you that supported and voted for Barack Obama. I really wanted to see him elected, but I wasn’t sure that he was going to win. I was afraid that it was just a dream, and I couldn’t go sleep before I was sure that Obama was going to be the next president of US. THANK YOU!
And now, sorry. Sorry for all the links about politics I have been posting at Delicious, FriendFeed, Mento, Facebook and even the politics related images at FFFFOUND!. I promise I’m going to stop them, after today. Now I have some hope for the next 4 years. And I’m greateful for not posting something like this again. Great work America!

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  1. Pignouf says:

    vive l’Amérique,
    vive Obama !

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