Wrigley’s Extra Commercials

Wrigley's Extra

Joining humour and attractive images has been very used in the last product campaigns. If you make the public smile you won some points, that’s probably the idea. The agency DDB Sydney used this strategy to the last year’s campaign of Wrigley chewing gum “Wrigley’s Extra”.
Those commercials were starred by a group of super cute food creatures designed by TWiN™. The cute CG characters full of personality interact with live action scenes on the Wrigley’s Extra commercials, directed by Jonathan Baker.
The ads had some success since there was a first Wrigley’s Extra commercial, then the Wrigley’s Extra ‘White’ commercial, and a new campaign this year starred by the same group of characters for the new “Wrigley’s Extra” chewing gums.

The two first videos are available in Quicktime format at TWiN site. The other commercials are available in some video sites, but to make things easy, I joined the six ads I found in a playlist for entertain you. You can watch them below and check a few more images and ads. (via El blog de Charuca)

Wrigley's Extra: coffee
Wrigley's Extra:cookie
Wrigley's Extra White: chocolate
Wrigley's Extra White: in the subway
Extra Liquid Blast chewing gum: Banana
Extra Liquid Blast chewing gum: Cookie
Extra Liquid Blast chewing gum: Donut
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