KJFG No. 5

KJFG No. 5
During the month of July I had some great days enjoying the Anima Mundi, the 16th International Animation Festival of Brazil. I watched several short animations and three animated feature films. If you ask me about them, I’m going to talk about the feature films and some shorts, but checking the festival catalogue I can remember of almost all. Of course there are always some remarkable animations that you can’t forget so easy. That’s the case of KJFG No. 5:

Three professional musicians – the bear, the rabbit and the wolf – are practicing their art in the forest when a hunter turns up…

The Hungarian animation directed by Alexei Alekseev won some prizes in short film and animation film festival around the world, including the Sacem Award at Annecy 2008 (you can watch the video awards ceremony here). Alekseev made everything in the film: scripts, scenery, animation, music and sound. It’s a short, simple video and brilliant animation – I watch it several times. I hope you enjoy it.

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