Where the heck is Bibi?

32ª Mostra no Cinematógrafo
Hi guys, before one more reader / visitor / friend send me a message here it is my fast answer: I’m here and I’m fine now. Thanks for all the kind words, the messages and links. You are awesome! And I’m serious about that.
The problem is not you, it’s me. Yeah, I know you heard that story before, but it’s true. I didn’t have any problems with readers, visitors and all kind people that give me links. However, I had – have – some problems. Nothing serious and I’m trying to fix them.

I keep reading blogs, saving links for me to post here and putting up a lot of stuff on social sites like FriendFeed, FFFFOUND!, Delicious, Mento, Twitter and many others. You can probably find me everywhere. Here is one more site with tons of links to places where you can find me: MeAdiciona.

I’m also covering the 32th São Paulo International Film Festival (32ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema) aka Mostra, at Cinematógrafo. It isn’t the kind of coverage I wanted, but I don’t have a notebook to write stuff on the road and I also need to sleep sometimes. To keep it fresh, I’m posting my last impressions of films and the news I get on the festival at Cinematógrafo’s Twitter. The blog postings and tweets are in Portuguese, but I can always give you my impressions of films in English, if you ask me. And the translator helps in most cases – just don’t depend on the film title translations.
I’m saying this because I’ve not been posting as much in those social sites, since I’ve been busy watching tons of films. I’m not dead and I didn’t give up of blogging; if I came back to blogging at Cinematografo after being away for so long, there is hope for Bibi’s box. I’m not going to promise anything. Just keep in touch, keep your RSS subscription (you can always read the cool stuff I save in my delicious bookmarks), and take care. See you!

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