Chinese Political Cartoons

Anti-U.S. Chinese Political Cartoon

Ethan Persoff has a new neat gallery with 35 Anti-U.S. Chinese Political Cartoons, circa 1958-1960.

Culled and restored from reviewing hundreds of Eastern newspaper pages and illustrations, this set of 35 images represents what we consider the best late 50s editorial cartoons (Manhua) from China and Indochina. Set during a time of escalating western imperialism, these images react against U.S. military actions in Laos and Vietnam, and represent a unique moment of political commentary. It seems to be a hidden history, too.

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  2. Hah, I loved seeing those little things in Art History class!

  3. Sarah Andrei says:

    Awesome blog :- ) keep posting more like this one. Well,speaking of politics have you guys see the clinton’s law of politics? Actually, I found a side-by-side videos being clash. Just wondering if you want to check it to know if which is more accurate and more on point.

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