Bibi’s found

bibi's found
Thanks to the kindness of Carolina and Angela now I’m the happy owner of a FFFFOUND! account: bibi’s found. Since we can only invite one person, Carolina invite Angela and asked to her invite me (and I already used my invite to pay back the favour). Thank you!
I’m using my ffffound to share cool images found in several sites and find even more. If you don’t know the site yet, Ffffound is a social bookmark site just for images, with an impressive collection thanks to the hundreds (thousands?) of users. To enjoy it, you can subscribe to the feed of the most popular images of the site or choose an user, like me.
If you already a user, don’t forget to look at my archives and see if you find something nice and new to add to your found.

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  1. Bibi found indeed.
    Welcome back.

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