Stuck In Customs

Farewell Holland
Stuck In Customs is a photoblog with stunning HDR pictures from many different places by Trey Ratcliff. He made this site to explore a bit of creative photography and writing, and he was also cool enough to share the pictures under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.
If you feel inspired by his beautiful pictures, take a look on his HDR TutorialNew and Improved for 2008, with images of all the steps to try to reproduce the effect. By the way, he’s also on Flickr and has a official photography portfolio.

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One Response to Stuck In Customs

  1. Jose says:

    He has some great photos.
    I also checked his website, but my computer is old and had some trouble.
    But I could see some on his blog.
    Your blog has some really interesting articles.
    Kind regards,

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