Plush Internal Organs

Plush Internal Organs Set
Kids, and many adults, love plush and stuffed toys. That’s why there are so many options available: classic teddy bears, bunnies, hearts, cute animals, plush food, cthulhus, microbes, pee and poo, and even sushi for puppies. The Brazilian designer brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana also explore the huge universe of plus toys re-creating them in a project called “Banquete Chair”: chairs made with plush toys, from chairs made using diverse plush animals, to chairs made only with bears, or only with sharks and dolphins.
Now I have a new great surprise in the plush science universe: Plush Internal Organs. The toys were created by I Heart Guts!, which has more options of stuff with pretty illustrations with those and more smiling internal organs: bags, T-shirts, buttons, stickers and artwork. The plush set contains lungs, liver, kidney and heart – a nearly anatomic correct heart, not those stupid fake hearts without veins – and it’s available for $67.00. They are also be selling individually. That’s a great gift, with the Giant microbes, for any children who wants to be a doctor, and probably to almost anyone you know.
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