Ohio Cartoonists

Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay
During the summer and early fall of 2003 The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library featured the exhibition Ohio Cartoonists – A Bicentennial Celebration shown in the Philip Sills Exhibit Hall of the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, The Ohio State University Libraries, and The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library.

Ohio has remarkable place in the history of American cartooning. The number of well-known cartoonists who were born, educated and/or worked in the state is amazing. It was fitting during this bicentennial year to honor our state’s extraordinary legacy with this exhibition.
The digital version of the exhibition Ohio Cartoonists: A Bicentennial Celebration highlights the accomplishments of six of the state’s most notable late nineteenth and early twentieth century newspaper and magazine cartoonists.

The on-line version presents the works of only six cartoonists: Edwina Dumm, Billy Ireland, Winsor McCay, Charles Nelan, Frederick Burr Opper and Richard Outcault. However, the images of comics and cartoons worth a visit.

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