Mars Attacks Cards

Card 33: Removing the Victims
The card above looks like Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!, but it’s from the popular science fiction trading card series Mars Attacks. The bubble-gum cards were released by Topps in 1962, created by Brown and Woody Gelman and were the base of inspiration to Burton’s film. The cards were painted by the famous pulp-comic artist, Norm Saunders. Check the other 65 cards on the Mars Attacks Archives Gallery. (via Pez)
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  1. omar says:

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  3. firefoxcub says:

    ooh Mars Attack is a brilliant movie. I didnt know they were tradin cards before.

  4. Roland Hulme says:

    I remember seeing those in a book when the film was released! I love it. Creepy aliens abducting leggy women. Very interesting stuff for oversexed teenage boys!

  5. Death in the Cockpit (12) is fabulous!!!

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