La Vie Parisienne

Chéri Hérouard - La Vie Parisienne - 1917 April #15
Chéri Hérouard was a French illustrator who was most famously known for his forty-five year work for French society magazine, La Vie Parisienne, which was (is?) a French humoristic and erotic weekly magazine, published in Paris since 1863.

La Vie Parisienne‘ was one of the more famous and well-known of specifically Parisienne magazines. Originally intended as a guide to the privileged social and artistic life in the French capital, it soon evolved into a mildly risqué publication in which illustrations of scantily clad damsels abounded. It was all done in very good taste though it had more than its fair share of detractors. General Pershing for one is said to have personally warned American servicemen against purchasing the magazine – for little good that would have done. ‘La Vie Parisienne’ was also banned in certain countries such as neighboring Belgium for instance, though in war-time it appeared that such silly regulations were not always adhered to.

The marvellous art work of Chéri Herouard is very well presented by this photoset with 197 images, many of them covers of La Vie Parisienne. The set was created by asoftblackstar and contains some NSFW illustrations. For more images and covers visit this, this,this and this page. (via Hugo Strikes Back)

One more beautiful cover, from the 13th October, 1917 edition:
La Vie Parisienne - October 1917

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  2. Roland Hulme says:

    Oh, they’re beautiful pictures, aren’t they? I used to work in Paris – for four years – and pictures like this take me straight back there.

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