How to Save the World

WWF - How to Save the World
Every new year people do their predictions: doing more exercises, eating more healthy food, visiting new places, being more kind with other people, and many other things like that. In my personal, and mental, predictions list I also listed things to do to save the world: recycling, use less energy, taking shorter showers, use less paper and re-use it, taking my saddlebags to the supermarket and greengrocer, avoiding the use of more plastic bags, and eat less meat.
The international organization WWF has a new video campaign for climate change in UK, to those that don’t want to listen, called How to save the world. The animated video lists small actions good that we can do to make a big difference and helping to stop the climate change. The animation was designed and animated by Jon Yeo and Maria Sandström, and written by Rafaela Perera and Ravi Karawdra. (via No fat clips)
PS.: this post is dedicated to the great guy behind Martin Klasch, who was worried about my blogging absence.
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