Hieronymus Bosch’s birds papercraft

Bosch's helmet bird papercraft
Hieronymus Bosch is on the top of my list of painter that I think had a disturbed brilliant mind. His paintings full of bizarre and scary creatures are an example of how far can go the human mind and how far the Catholic church went to its absurd ideas of hell and sins.
Among his works, the “The Garden of Earthly Delights” is the one I most like. The reason involve the strawberries – meaning sex, the fantastic details, the numerous odd situations, the colours, the division in three stages, the luxury all over the second painting, situations and the grotesque creatures.
Bosch's letter bird papercraft
It’s from that painting that Atom, from Glue² chronicle, got the idea of made two papercraft models: the helmet bird and the letter bird. As you can see, the models look pretty nice, and compared with its complexity, that turns them even more neat. Both models are ready and available to download as bmp or pdo. To open the pdo you will need the Pepakura Viewer, wich is also free to download. The kids won’t have more excuses to play of purgatory at home. (via ectoplasmosis)
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