GOTV: Bibi’s box on The 2008 Bloggies

 The 2008 Bloggies
Wow! For the third time, Bibi’s box is a finalist in the Best Latin American Blog category on the Bloggies! First, I’d like to thank all those who voted for this blog on the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2008 Bloggies, since I hadn’t even annoyed people for votes. I really appreciate your support. It makes me a happy Bibi.
However, now that I am one of the finalist, and I really hope that third time is a charm.I would like to ask all of you who visit, read, or just stopped by for a peek, to vote on the 2008 Bloggies for Bibi’s box and, if at all possible, to spread some love on your blog, asking people to vote for me. Specially if you are Brazilian. Think about it, I am the only Brazilian there, and a woman, and I think that is something special.
Thanks again for your vote, love and comments. And don’t forget to vote until January, 31.

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4 Responses to GOTV: Bibi’s box on The 2008 Bloggies

  1. Congratulations !!!!!!
    I hope you win.

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks Hugo! I hope too. 😉

  3. Manuel says:

    Já votei e já pus publicidade no arco da velha. Boa sorte Bibi!

  4. Dri says:

    Votei com orgulho! É um dos melhores mesmo, pra que fingir?

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