Flickr announces The Commons

Photo by Howard Hollem (1942)
Flickr Blog announced The Commons: a pilot project created in partnership with The Library of Congress.The Library team contributed choosing around 1500 photos from their most popular collections to share on Flickr. The result is presented in two incredible photosets: 1930s-40s in Color and News in the 1910s.

These beautiful, historic pictures from the Library represent materials for which the Library is not the intellectual property owner. Flickr is working with the Library of Congress to provide an appropriate statement for these materials. It’s called “no known copyright restrictions.”
Hopefully, this pilot can be used as a model that other cultural institutions would pick up, to share and redistribute the myriad collections held by cultural heritage institutions all over the world.

You can help the project describing the photographs, adding tags and comments in the The Library of Congress‘s collection on Flickr. All you need is being a Flickr member, and you can do it for free.
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