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Czechoslovak fairy tales
Fairy tale is a fictional story that usually features folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. The Internet Archive highlighted seven fairy tale books with beautiful illustrations on its blog.
Inspired on those suggestion and on the good memories of a collection of old fairy tale books full of images, I made a search to discover more of those treasures. They have a huge collection with more than four hundred digitalized fairy tales books in English and few other languages, and some of them have more than one version on-line.
Based on that search, I made a list with around 140 fairy tales books and their respective writers, or adaptors, to inspire not only the kids to take a look on them.The best part: you can take a look or even read them in my favourite format for old books, digital, free from allergies. If they aren’t enough, try the Manybooks collection of Fairy Tales from Around the World with more formats available to download or read on-line.
The Fire Bird

Fables and folk stories by Horace Elisha Scudder (1890)
A book of fairy tales by Sabine Baring-Gould (1895)
AEsop’s fables by Aesop (1869)
Ali Baba and the forty thieves by Walter Crane (1898)
Among the fairies by Augusta Bethell Parker (1884)
A new history of Blue Beard by Gaffer Blackbeard (1806)
A treasury of pleasure books for young and old (1851)
At the back of the North Wind by George MacDonald (1919)
Beauty and the beast picture book; containing Beauty and the beast, The frog prince, The hind in the wood by Walter Crane (1911)
Belgian fairy tales by William Elliot Griffis (1919)
Celtic wonder-tales by Ella Young (1910)
Czechoslovak fairy tales by Parker Fillmore (1919)
Danish fairy tales by Sven Grundtvig (1914)
Danish fairy legends and tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1891)
David Blaze and the blue door by Edward Frederic Benson (1919)
Dorothy and the wizard in Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1908)
Dutch Fairy Tales For Young Folks by William Elliot Griffis (1918)
East of the sun and west of the moon: old tales from the north by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen
Edmund Dulac’s fairy-book: fairy tales of the Allied nations by Edmund Dulac (1916)
English fairy tales by Ernest Rhys (1913)
Faery tales of Weir by Anna McClure Sholl (1918)
Fairy and folk tales of the Irish peasantry by William Butler Yeats (1890)
Fairy circles: tales and legends of giants, dwarfs, fairies, water-sprites and hobgoblins by Villamaria (1877)
Fairy realm. A collection of the favourite old tales. Illustrated by the pencil of Gustave Doré by Tom Hood (1866)
Fairy tales by Edouard Laboulaye
Fairy tales by Skimble Skamble (1869)
Fairy tales from folk lore by Wilbur Herschel Williams (1908)
Fairy tales from all nations by Anthony Reubens Montalba (1849)
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Fairy tales from far Japan by Susan Ballard (1898)
Fairy tales from Spain by José Muñoz Escámez (1913)
Fairy tales from South Africa by Mrs E. J. Bourhill (1908)
Favourite fairy tales by John Corner (1861)
Favourite French fairy tales by Barbara Douglas (1921)
Fawn in the wood (ca.1890)
Four and twenty fairy tales: selected from those of Perrault and other popular writers by James Robinson Planché (1858)
Garnet story book by Ada Maria Skinner (1920)
Goblin tales of Lancashire by James Bowker (1878)
Golden porch: a book of Greek fairy tales by Winifred Margaret Lambart Hutchinson (1914)
Hans Andersen’s fairy tales – volume 1 and volume 2 by Hans Christian Andersen (1914-15)
Hansel & Grethel & other tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (1920)
Home fairy tales (Côntes du petit-château) by Jean Macé (1867)
Household stories from the collection of the Bros. Grimm by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (1922)
Indian fairy tales by Joseph Jacobs (1892)
Irish fairy and folk tales by William Butler Yeats
Irish fairy tales by James Stephens (1920)
Jack and the bean-stalk: English hexameters by Baron Hallam Tennyson (1886)
Jewish fairy tales and fables by Gertrude Landa (1908)
Jewish fairy tales and legends by Gertrude Landa (1919)
Jewish fairy tales and stories by Gerald Friedlander (1920)
King Longbeard: or, annals of the golden dreamland, a book of fairy tales by Barrington MacGregor (1898)
Laboulaye’s fairy book by Edouard Laboulaye (1920)
Legends from fairy land by Holme Lee (1862)
Little Ellie and other tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1850)
Little hunchback: From the Arabian nights entertainments. In three cantos by M. Harris Moon (1817)
Magic casements : a second fairy book by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin (1931)
Mighty Mikko; a book of Finnish fairy tales and folk tales by Parker Hoysted Fillmore (1922)
Moonfolk. A true account of the home of the fairy tales by Jane Goodwin Austin (1882)
Mopsa the fairy by Jean Ingelow (1919)
More tales from the Arabian nights by Edward William Lane (1915)
More tales for idle hours by (1831)
Mother’s nursery tales by Katharine Pyle (1918)
The Princess Rosette
My own fairy book by Andrew Lang (1895)
Myths and folk-lore of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin (1911)
Old French fairy tales Sophie, comtesse de Ségur (1920)
Old-time stories by Charles Perrault (1921)
Oriental tales: being moral selections from The Arabian nights’ entertainments; calculated both to amuse and improve the minds of youth – volume 1 and volume 2 (1825)
Ozma of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1907)
Patty and her pitcher, or, Kindness of heart by Alfred Crowquill (1857)
Pepper & salt; or, Seasoning for young folk by Howard Pyle (c1913)
Pictures of Sweden by Hans Christian Andersen (1851)
Pomona’s frolic, or, The grand jubilee of the animated fruit by Minerva Press (1810)
Popular fairy tales: or, A liliputian library by Benjamin Tabart (1818)
Russian fairy tales by Petr Polevoi (1892)
Sagor – Forsta Samlingen by Zacharias Topelius (1847)
Serbian fairy tales by Elodie Lawton Miyatovic (1917)
Serbian fairy tales (1918)
Stories for the household by Hans Christian Andersen (1889)
Tales of laughter : a third fairy book by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin (1908)
Tales of wonder: a fourth fairy book by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin (1939)
Tales of the Arabs (between 1810 and 1815)
The book of elves and fairies: for story-telling and reading aloud and for the children’s own reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott (1918)
The book of fables and folk stories by Horace Elisha Scudder (1919)
The Chaucer story book by Geoffrey Chaucer (1908)
The Child’s pleasure book (1860)
The children who followed the piper by Padraic Colum (1922)
The Cruikshank fairy-book: four famous stories by George Cruikshank (1911)
The diamond fairy book by Frank Cheyne Papé (1987)
The disobedient kids: and other Czecho-Slovak fairy tales by Božena N?mcová (1921)
The fairies and the Christmas child by Lilian Gask (1912)
The fairy book: the best popular fairy stories by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1913)
The fairy godmothers by Alfred Gatty (1851)
Little Red Hiding Hood by Gustave Doré
The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen (c1899)
The Fire-fly’s lovers, and other fairy tales of old Japan by William Elliot Griffis (1908)
The firelight fairy book by Henry Beston (1919)
The Giant Hands, or, The Reward of Industry by Alfred Crowquill (1856)
The Golden mermaid and other stories from the fairy books by Andrew Lang (1930)
The golden spears, and other fairy tales by Edmund Leamy (1911)
The green fairy book by Andrew Lang
The green forest fairy book by Loretta Ellen Brady (1920)
The happy prince and other tales and A house of pomegranate by Oscar Wilde (1977)
The Jewish fairy book by Gerald Friedlander (1920)
The king of the Golden River, or, The Black Brothers: a legend of Styria by John Ruskin (1851)
The Land of the Blue Flower by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1912)
The land of enchantment by Arthur Rackham (1907)
The laughing prince: a book of Jugoslav fairy tales and folk tales by Parker Fillmore (1921)
The lilac fairy book by Andrew Lang (1910)
The magic ring: and other Oriental fairy tales by Bobbett & Hooper (1861)
The magic crook, or, The stolen baby: a fairy story by Greville Macdonald (1911)
The magic fishbone: romance from the pen of Miss Alice Rainbird aged seven by Charles Dickens (1922)
The old-fashioned fairy book by Mrs. Burton Harrison
The old old fairy tales by Laura Valentine (1902)
The origin of plum pudding: with other fairy tales ; and, A little burletta by Frank Hudson
The olive fairy book by Andrew Lang (1907)
The patchwork girl of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1913)
The pearl fountain, and other fairy tales by Bridget Kavanagh (1876)
The pink fairy book by Andrew Lang (c1897)
The princess and the goblin by George MacDonald (1920)
The queen’s museum, and other fanciful tales by Frank Richard Stockton (1906)
The rainbow book: tales of fun & fancy by Mabel Henrietta Spielmann (1909)
What the moon saw
The reign of King Oberon by Walter Jerrold (1902)
The red fairy book by Andrew Lang (1890)
The road to Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1909)
The Russian garland: being Russian folk tales by Robert Steele (1916)
The scarecrow of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1915)
The Scottish fairy book by Elizabeth Wilson Grierson (1910)
The shadow witch by Gertrude Crownfield (1922)
The shoemaker’s apron; a second book of Czechoslovak fairy tales and folk tales by Parker Hoysted Fillmore (1920)
The sleeping beauty by Charles Seddon Evans (1920)
The sleeping beauty and other fairy tales from the old French by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (1910)
The sleepy king: a fairy tale by Aubrey Hopwood (1900)
The story of Jack and the giants (1851)
The tales of the sixty mandarins by P. V Ramaswami Raju (1886)
The Waldorf family; or, Grandfather’s lagends by Emma Catherine Embury (1848)
The water-babies: a fairy tale for land-baby by Charles Kingsley (1909)
The wonder clock: or, four & twenty marvellous tales, being one for each hour of the day by Howard Pyle (1915)
The yellow fairy book by Andrew Lang (1899)
Tik-Tok of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum (1914)
Ting-a-ling by Frank Richard Stockton (1916)
Tom Thumb And Other Stories
Trystie’s quest, or, Kit, King of the Pigwidgeons: a fairy story by Greville Macdonald (1912)
Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis (1921)
Welsh fairy-tales and other stories by Peter Henry Emerson (1894)
What the moon saw: and other tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1866)
Wonderful stories for children by Hans Christian Andersen (1846)
Wonder tales retold by Katharin Pyle (1937)
The hind in the wood
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  2. Bibi says:

    I prefer books support too. But depending of how old is the book and its paper I can read or touch him, due to my allergies. If there were new fax-smile editions of some of those old books I would love.

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