Classics of everyday design

The Swiss Army Knife
On November 9, 2006 Jonathan Glancey started a blog at the Guardian Unlimited‘s Arts blog dedicated to the Classics of everyday design. The almost weekly articles keep going updated, and now there are 40 (and counting) Classics of everyday design.

Forget about icons, design of a kind that doesn’t swank around in style magazines is all around us. Jonathan Glancey dedicates his blog to the finest examples – and he needs your help to point them out.

Among the classics listed, until now, many of them can be found on almost everywhere, and some are very British. My favourites would be: paperclip, the Swiss Army Knife, the Biro, or Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, Daleks, Lego, the Slinky and one of the greatest inventions of humanity, the anti-stressing Bubble Wrap. (Merci Bertrand!)

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