Zakarella nº18
The classic sexy comic books’ Vampirella had a Portuguese version: Zakarella, illustrated by Carlos Alberto Santos. On O Fantástico ilustrado por Carlos Alberto Santos (The fantastic illustrated by Carlos Alberto Santos), there are five covers of this Portuguese version and the original images of them (click on the covers to see them). According to the site in Portuguese:

The infernal (and sculptural) character, which gave the name to the magazine imagined by Roussado Pinto, was a kind of Vampirella with Portuguese manners, and because of lack of opportunities to great adventures, as the American version, she used to punish the troublemakers in Lisbon and its neighbourhood. Each number of Zakarella included a short story by Ross Pynn (pseudonym of Roussado Pinto) with the heroin adventures. The covers and the illustrations of those short stories were created by Carlos Alberto Santos, e good part of the success of this magazine is due to his work. (28 numbers / editions of Zakarella were published over two years)

I hope this so so, and almost literal, translation helps. The covers of the 28 editions published are available at Comics BD Portugal: just keep clicking on the tabs to see all them. BTW, those links are probably NSFW. (via coisas do arco da velha)
Zakarella nº20
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