Vintage Girlwatchers

Glamour Photography - Summer 1957
Let’s put some shine on this blog with pictures of saucy girls. Vintage Girlwatchers is a site about the girlie magazine from 1950’s Girl Watcher and related. According to the description: This site exists to celebrate and preserve books and magazines about girlwatching and girl-photography from the fifties and sixties. The “celebration” includes two complete scanned Girl Watcher magazines, photography magazines – the best part -, articles about those magazines and some information about photography books. I think the articles are even more interesting than the original “Girl Watcher” magazines.
Charm Photography Annual 1955
Curiously those magazines have all similar names: Glamour Photography, Charm Photography and Glamorgirl Photography. And similar images: girls in bikinis or in sexy positions and situations, most part of time. I could say it’s safe for wor, excluding the Art Photography area.

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