Things to Come

Things to Come - La Vida Futura
Things to Come: A celebration of the 1936 film written by H.G. Wells, directed by William Cameron Menzies, and produced by Alexander Korda.Nice site with a great number of publicity materials of the film and pictures. (via IWR Art)
Things to Come is based on H. G. Wells’ novel The Shape of Things to Come, published in 1933. A “web edition” of the book is available at The University of Adelaide Library, the film, in the public domain, is available to download at Internet Archive, and you can watch the film at Videos with Bibi.

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2 Responses to Things to Come

  1. James McCabe says:

    I thought I should tell you that Things To Come is not in the public domain. This is a misconception.
    The film is even listed in a complaint as one of the examples of films which are no longer in the public domain since the GATT / URAA came into effect in 1996.

  2. Bibi says:

    That sounds totally weird for me! How a film that was in the public domain is no longer? And the film is not even American! For me the American laws of copyright are a messy, they make almost no sense, and who make them are those that have money = Disney and the stupid Mickey. Curiously Disney loves to use characters in the public domain on their films, just to don’t need to pay the copyright to other. If they start to put the things that are in the public domain back to copyright, they are going back to the Gutenberg Bible! Sorry, but those guys really scary. It seems they just care for money, even been millionaires (billionaires) and don’t give a damn to share culture or free universities.

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