The Italian Food Collection

The Italian Food Collection - Prosciutto
The agency Cayenne Italia produced a brilliant campaign for Italian Instituto per il Commercio Estero (Institute for the Promotion of Foreign Trade) highlighting two remarkable Italian products, known for their excellent quality: food and fashion. The campaign “The Italian Food Collection” was firstly created to the Japanese market:

The objective, effectively summed up in the title, was to communicate to the Japanese consumer – notoriously fascinated by Italian fashion – that the best of “Italian Style” is to be found in the wine and food sector as well, which boasts top-quality brands. […]
The campaign, which enjoyed a huge success, was considered a particularly innovative, high-impact operation, to the point of winning numerous prizes at the international level, among them the GOLD in the food category of the Epica Award 2003, one of the most prestigious European advertising contests. UN.I.P.I. representatives attended the awards ceremony held in Dublin on 23 January 2004.

Due to campaign success of the visually beautiful and attractive ads, it was possible to obtain the support of the ICE for the realisation of a communication campaign in the United States. Playing with the same concepts, food and fashion, Cayenne Italia created one more great campaign for the ICE: “The Taste of Italian Style”. Check the irresistible ads for both campaigns bellow.

The Italian Food Collection - Reggiano Parmesan Cheese
The Italian Food Collection - Wine
The Italian Food Collection - Pasta
The Taste of Italian Style 1
The Taste of Italian Style 2
The Taste of Italian Style 3
The Taste of Italian Style 4
The Taste of Italian Style 5
The Taste of Italian Style 6

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