The Greatest Super Villain and Hero Costumes

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Robert Berry, from the great pop culture site retroCRUSH, made a list of The Top 10 Greatest Super Villain Costumes Of All Time. The list includes: the Catwoman, Ming the Merciless, Black Manta, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix, the Riddler, Galactus, the Green Goblin, Harley Quinn and Doctor Doom.
Contradicting the provisions, my vote for super villain costume of that list doesn’t go to Catwoman, it goes to Poison Ivy. My suggestion to that list: the French arch-villain character Fantômas, one of the most well dressed villains I’ve ever seen.
Of course he also made a list with the twenty Coolest Super Hero Costumes. The Phantom, The Shadow, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and even the costume of the Japanese superhero Ultraman are on the list. Not my favourite, the super kitsch Spectreman. I loved the TV series when I was 8 and I keep some good (=funny) memories of it.
Poison Ivy
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