Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

Molly Roger
Once more it’s time to celebrate the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And I will do it on my way, sharing links, since I don’t have any pirate costume.
Catster and Dogster users are also participating of this special day, submitting the pictures of their furry fellows dressed as pirates, with the tag “pirate”, on Dogster and Catster.
Getting to Know … International Talk Like A Pirate Day: an interview with Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summer and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur, the founders of Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Many Books has a nice collection of Pirate Stories of digitalized books in the public domain to read on-line or download, available in many formats.
Photos from International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Flickr. Explore all the previous images or go directly to the 2007 photoset.
Pinup Pirate illustration created by the deviantART artist agrivaine (ChrissieA).
Pirate Pinup by swankiest
Pirate Pinup: the picture above is a self portrait by the Flickr user Danielle.
Pirates Of The Caribbean 1 and 2 in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies, presented by Starz Bunny Club Exclusive, created by Angry Alien Productions.
Polite Dissent made a great list of comic-book pirates (and pirate comic books) to celebrate the day. (via Pen-Elayne on the Web)
Post Like a Pirate is a pirate translator which also posts directly on Twitter, Myspace or send by email the translated text.
Réunion de piratesses: a collection of illustrations created by several artists to a contest created by the French illustrator Delfine, on her blog, which theme was “fille de pirate” (daughter of pirate). Take a look at the illustrations and on the Hors concours illustration of the contest if you speak French.
The Pirate Pin Up Arrr Mates, the Sexiest Pirate Pinups ‘n the Seven Seas. Sexy picturs of pin-up dressed as pirates, or something like that. The picture on the top is from one of those girls, Molly Roger.
Film Fun July, 1929
Watch the classic silent film The Black Pirate with Douglas Fairbanks at Videos with Bibi, and the special “Talk like a Pirate Day” films Dancing Pirate and Captain Kidd.
WordPress users can Piratify Your Blogs using the Text Filter Suite Plugin. It turns yer blog into pirate-speak on Talk Like a Pirate Day! (via The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire)
The YouTube profile Offcial Wench hosts 23 videos of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. The last video added, Pirates of the Burning Sea, introduces the video game, “Pirates of the Burning Sea” for the release party in Seattle, Washington on September 19th. You can watch their video Pirates And Ninjas bellow.
Pictures of The Pirate zombie pin-up model. As a good pirate she has a parrot.
And the original Talk Like A Pirate Day site. It has some cool stuff, games and many other links.

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  1. manuel says:

    wow!!! pin-ups com perna de pau! 😀

  2. Randy says:

    Don’t know how I missed “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but there you go! (I just did a cross post to this on my blog.) Stumbled across your page looking for vintage typewriter photos, and love it. I’ll be back. Cheers.

  3. Bibi says:

    Ué, e por que não? Se bem que só fica bonitinho se for pirata mesmo, porque pin-up de verdade não combina com perna de pau. 🙂
    Thanks Randy! I just didn’t miss it because I had some links saved to blog and I saw the pirate flag on Flickr. Feel free to come back. See you!

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