Sexy Witch

Sexy Witch: Elliot, This Trick's A Treat (1950)
For centuries woman with a different behaviour were called witches. Some were too clever for men, other had a strong political or religious powers, there were some of those “witches” that didn’t want to follow the “rules” dictated by society. And there were some that called themselves witches. With all those beliefs, our culture created an image of an evil and ugly witch.
That’s why I think that the blog Sexy Witch is more than welcome. As the title says, it’s a blog about sexy witches. There you will find witches of all types: elegant, attractive, pretty, cute, hot, naughty or femme fatales; real life witches; people dressed up as witches: for Halloween or fancy dress balls; fictional witches: witches in novels, plays and poems; movie witches; cartoon witches; witches in art: carved, painted, sketched and engraved: they are all here, or will be in time. I would like to add also: pin-up witches and many NSFW witch images.
By the way, I’m been always a fan of the TV series Bewitched, one the reasons why I believe in sexy witches. Don’t miss the Ava Gardner, Sexy Witch.

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