Mia Mäkilä

Without hope
Mia Mäkilä is a Swedish artist who creates dark and disturbing images, on in her words, horror art & collages. Her work has influences of Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder, Francisco de Goya, Johann Heinrich Fuseli, Frida Kahlo and René Magritte, David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, Michael Haneke, John Waters and Tim Burton, among others.

I paint my demons. I paint nightmares. To get rid of them. I paint my fears. I paint my sorrow. To deal with them. The motifs of my artworks are scary and macabre, but they also have a dark sense of humour. I love to use humour in a weird and strange way. You can see that in my artworks with the women who’s shitting stars and fire. I call my artworks “neo-victorian horror art”, because of the haunting quality from the victorian era I use in them. The style is nightmarish and dark, like a language of my inner demons and my sorrow. They are also inspired by the Lowbrow art movement.

She has a new blog The Wonderland of Mia Mäkilä, where she shares paintings, news, videos, curiosities and vintage things, in Swedish, By the way, the site and the blog are NSFW, but of course it depends of where you work. (via Hugo Strikes Back)

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