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Body as Dream
The Italian photographer Marco Ambrosi has a beautiful portfolio with hyper saturated pictures, still life images, portraits of “common people”, families and “portraits in black”. His recent series “Body as a Dream” was created with the Italian designer Monica Dengo, which made calligraphy.

The Body as Dream series is based on the certainty that our reality exists because we’ve given it a name, that our representation of the world is as important as its existence a priori and that we, along with the world we’re a part of, are defined by our words.
The writing is a continual repetition of words which form an entirety of illegible signs that envelop the skin, cover and replace it. Light or ponderous, winking or solemn, all of these images represent
the same curious astonishment at what we are.

Lens culture has a four-minute interview with the photographer Marco Ambrosi about his work, with Jim Casper, and a slide show with pictures of these series.
PS.: I had some problems to open Ambrosi’s commercial work portfolio using Firefox, because the new window opens a tiny flash version of it, which turns almost impossible visualize it using my default browser. The “Fine Arts” link to his pictures works fine.
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  1. osrevni says:

    A série é maravilhosa, não dá pra tirar o olho.

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