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(Almost) All the cool kids are now using micro-blogging tools to communicate with friends, family and / or readers. I’m using too, because I can’t stop joining to social networks and all kind of web2.0 tools and sites. I’ve joined to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and some others that I don’t remember now. If you are using any of those sites, fell free to add me.

However, I’m not crazy enough to update all those sites. I’m “officially” using Twitter to “micro-blog”, to share links I don’t post here, like news about technology, events and some other things. Since its integration with GTalk is easy, I’m using the IM to add new messages. I’m also using it more frequently, because my friends are there, and many blogs and sites are using it to share links, news and content too.
Pownce : Bianca B.
I’m using Pownce more to test its features, for now, than to communicate with other people. The site/tool provides a nearest idea of “micro-blogging” than Twitter, in my humble opinion. It’s now accepting sharing files, profiles, videos and photos. I just don’t use it more, because I forget to open the site, and I don’t want to install the software required in this old computer. By the way, I have ten invitations to Pownce that I would like to donate to the regular readers of this blog. If you want one, just post a comment asking for it.

And Jaiku. Well, I don’t use it because I don’t remember to do it, and I don’t have time enough to keep updating it. For those who never use it: it’s easy to create an account, easy to use it, and it has some nice features, like add your feeds and send messages using your IM software. The feeds feature can be great and terrible: it can to keep your friends up-to-date, while it automatically adds new info to your profile, and this can be also means overload them with information.

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  1. peacay says:

    Micro-blogging is macro-evidence of insanity ;- )

  2. Bibi says:

    Insane? Me? NO! 😀

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